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The Alcohol, exercises and worlds diets

 The Alcohol, exercises and worlds diets

  Imagine the following situation - the holidays are approaching, and with them and the holiday meals. At this time you forget the diet plans restrictions and indulge in culinary delights, of which we have kept so far. And most holidays are not missing and alcohol. Namely for the holidays should leave its use, if exercising and want results. But you are asking why? Why all worlds diets do not allowed the consumation of alcoholic drinks?
The alcohol - Is it allowed in sport and diet plans? The famouse diet facts are that we have to avoid sugary drinks, juices, but often miss one important detail - the use of alcohol. It is "underwater stones" that we often fail despite efforts thrown in the gym and discipline on the table. Its regular use prevents us lose weight, but it reduces the power capabilities, durability and virtually stopped our progress. But this, of course, only happens in regular use. What happens when once daily in our body and how we act?
 Why calories from alcohol are so important? In simple terms, weight loss occurs when calories expended more than a full meal. Some diet facts about the alcohol. One drink contains an average of between 100 and 150 calories, which is not so much (if the drink is only one). The problem is not the amount of calories, but the way in which they operate exactly. Only a minority (about 5%) of the drinking quantity is converted directly to fat. The majority is processed into our liver in substance called Acetate having a main function - displaces fat as "fuel" and thus almost stops its degradation. 
  Another way in which the alcohol prevents the attenuation is increased as the cravings. It has been shown that after an aperitif we have a bigger appetite. They only go in one place and it's usually right where we do not want, because acetate quickly stops the breakdown of fat and calories than many rich foods are unnecessary and are stored. 
 Maybe for the last many effects of alcohol, which will mean not really matter, but those of you who are experiencing this feeling elated at the end of the workout, feeling filled with energy almost euphoria and sport for them is much more fun than an obligation to understand. The alcohol reduces significantly testosterone, called male hormone, it is significantly more in men, but also present in the female hormonal system. For both genders, it plays an important role in physical abilities, especially for power. Also has a strong influence on mood and significantly improves self-esteem. It reduced levels will lead to dejection, insecurity, cowardice, weakness, lack of tone, decreased libido, decrease in muscle mass, increased body fat - a complete package of everything you do not want to happen to us.
 The conclusion here is that if you exercise regularly or are on diet plans and want results, you should not drink often. But not necessarily to deny completely from alcohol. It has its advantages - improves mood, calms, helps us to overcome some inhibitions and communicate more easily, reduces aggression, there are even some physiological benefits. All those qualities are felt more if you drink less. So we are in shape, but do not deprive yourself completely from alcohol, it is best to leave it for special occasions, rare special occasions.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

The Un Diet Plan- Fruit day

The Fruit Day of The Un Diet Plan

diet plan

 What is the most important that you need to know about the fruit day of the 90 day diet plan? What kind of fruits you are allowed to eat? Are there any forbidden sorts? Here, in this article, you are going to find out the answers of all these questions and many other useful diet facts.
 The fruit day of the 90 day diet plan is in every four days. In this day is permitted a consumption only of fruits. No matter, what kind of fruits you are going to eat, here, the important thing is to eat only fruits of one sort in a meal. What exactly i mean? That for breakfast you can consume two peaches, after 2 hours you can eat two apples but you are not allowed to eat for breakfast one peach and one apple. In fruit day you can eat in a each two hours- only fruits from one kind! It is good your last meal of the day to be at 8pm. 
 The fruits have many vitamins and energy, so you will feel much better, and will also prevent many infectious diseases. Very soon, the fruit day is going to become your favorite day in the daily cycle.
 You can eat all kinds of fresh fruits, dry fruits, which are recommended to be pre-soaked in a little water to make them more digestible. It is desirable to be saccharified. It is permitted and the consumption of sauces made ​​with less sugar, fruit juices. That day is allowed only if a dependent of fruit to eat nuts and seeds, but in limited quantity - 25-30 grams, nuts and seeds, which are not salted with caramel.
 The fruit day is the day of discharge for your body. In that day you are going to lose one kg or even more! The fruit is a favorite day for many people, although in the beginning it is difficult, but you have to be strong and motivated. Remember, that this diet plan is going to help you to change your life.
 Now let me write down a list of the most dietic fruits. It is going to be great if you prefer some of them for your fruit day. Remember, the fruit should not be missing from your diet plan, regardless of diet keep - they are extremely rich in vitamins, antioxidants , fiber, iron, magnesium and others. But there are a few that you have plenty without any worry, if you are on a strict diet plan,  because they do not contain sugar in them.
 For example, the citrus fruits are extremely dietic. The grapefruit, oranges, kiwi, lemons - each of these fruits contain only minimal amounts of sugar and high amounts of vitamins. They are suitable for each worlds diets and have medicinal properties. If you eat a grapefruit or 2-3 kiwi fruit in the morning, it will tone your day and you get enough vitamins. You will feel energetic and in good spirits.
 Another low-calorie fruit is the pineapple, which is rich in many vitamins and minerals, it can be of great help if you want to fight obesity. The only thing you should not forget that fruit compote, most of the nutrients are not present, because they have undergone heat treatment. The papaya is also very useful and tasty fruit.  The exotic relative of the melon, it supplies many nutrients and can cleanse the body of accumulated toxins in your body. Also the raspberries, which is contained very low amount of sugar, they are also a rich source of antioxidants, vitamin C, phosphorus, calcium, iron. You can eat raspberries if you're on a 90 days diet. The blueberries can also help you get rid of excess weight, as they contain large amounts of polyphenols and fiber. Due to this, the body fat cells dramatically reduced. The watermelon is known except for its taste qualities and a small amount of calories that it contains. All the summer fruit has no fat, and is extremely necessary substances to the body, which in no way infringe your diet. The apricots and the cherries are also low-calorie and contain many antioxidants that can help to your diet plan.
If you insist to be confined to the fruit diet, add in your diet pineapple, grapefruit, kiwi and green apple.
 The fruits, vegetables, seeds, cereals, legumes, nuts, and all plants carry energy, which is of great importance for the human body. No need to tread with poor quality food that will make you want more and more of it, and thus leads to weight gain. Thanks to the 90 daily diet plan you would not only lose weight, but you are going to learn how to live a healthier life! This is the best of all worlds diets, which is recognized from the most famouse nutritionists.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Worlds Diets the best Diet Plan- a carbohydrate day

 Worlds Diets the best Diet Plan- a carbohydrate day

Note that feeding in 90-day diet, it is by no means boring, dumb, full of deprivation diet. You can prepare a great variety of foods to which others even envy. Now is the time to try new healthy recipes and new products! You can prepare this meal for my family! Dinner of carbohydrate day will become a favorite and will be eagerly awaited by all of your family.
Almost all worlds diets restrict sweets and grains foods to a minimum but not and the 90 days diet plan. The UnDiet not only does not restrict carbohydrates, but they occupy an important place in it. The carbohydrate day is one of the favourite to the most people, who are in 90 day diet plan. The purpose of the UnDiet is not only reducing weight but also change the metabolic processes in the body as at the end of it to hold weight that we have achieved. If the diet is interrupted not give the desired result. Because of that every single day is very important!
 The purpose of the 90-day diet, but to lower the surplus pounds is changing metabolic processes in your body. This is a guarantee that at the end of the diet plan you can keep the weight attained. Therefore, after 90 days, it is desirable to keep breakfast with fruit, and the rest of the day you can choose dishes according to your taste and desire. If in the next 3 months, lower the further 3 kg. This means that all metabolic processes are not changed. If you stop the diet plan earlier, then you will not achieve this result. Once you've decided - be persistent and success will be delayed! If you pass three months (this will not pose much difficulty, as the feeling of hunger will not disturb) you will lose weight 18-25 kg. That's the result which is not guaranteed by the most worlds diets.
 But let's explain now what you are allowed to eat in the carbohydrate day of the 90 day diet plan. First let's clarify which products fall under the carbohydrate.
The diet facts:
As you can see these are all of your favorite foods ...
The carbohydrates are a source of energy for the body, improve mental performance and stabilize the central nervous system. If you consume more carbohydrates than your body can not process glucose and glycogen, they accumulate in the fatty deposits. They are divided into: Monosaccharides, Disaccharides and Monosaccharides.
Since carbohydrates are the most to blame for our weight, that day is necessary to adhere strictly to choose the right carbohydrate combination.
 This diet plan includeS the following carbohydrates:
PIZZA WITH VEGETABLES AND FRUIT (no white), pasta with tomato sauce, ketchup OR mushroom sauce. In these day you are allowed to eat also cakes and salt pastries, as well as ice cream.
Here are a sample menu of the carbohydrate day:
BREAKFAST: a kind of fruit!
LUNCH: Pasta with herbs or pizza with tomato sauce, you can prepare the tomato sauce with various spices and vegetables, crackers as the amount of a pizza. It can also be eaten crackers, other pasta, made from dough without yeast or pancakes without milk and eggs. Diversify your menu for the day with dishes, buckwheat, barley, millet and other grains.
DINNER: 1 Pasty (or 3 small crackers of your choice or also amount sweets or 3 balls ice cream) and binding strip 1 chocolate. Delicious! Only in this diet plan you can eat ice cream! If you do not like sweet, eat your crackers or serving pizza.
That is only a simple example of the menu, there are many different meals which you can prepare in this day. There are simple examples of the meals that you can prepare in the carbohydrate day:
 fish with cream sauce
lemon cake with prepared crust
chickpeas with vegetables
pizza with vegetables
lenten cake with cinnamon
cherry pie
 Here are some tips for a successful diet. First, you have to plan your menu for each day in advance and recharge your refrigerator promptly with the necessary products to no surprises. While pulling into the system - you'll be surprised how quickly you will not need much food a certain amount will be enough for you - of course, if you follow everything. You have to eat your meals for the day in the nearest possible time interval -
Tear the hunger! You'll be surprised how quickly you get used to the new eating hours and you will easy and enjoyable! Note that feeding in 90-day diet plan, it is by no means boring, dumb, full of deprivation diet. That is not a rumour that is a simple diet fact! You can prepare a great variety of foods to which others even envy. Now is the time to try new healthy recipes and new products! You can prepare this meal for my family! The dinner of the carbohydrate day will become a favorite and will be eagerly awaited by all of your family.

Friday, July 19, 2013

The UnDiet (90 day diet plan)-The Bean day

The UnDiet (90 day diet plan)-The Bean day

During the 90 day leguminous daily diet is allowed to consume essentially dishes with high starch content. In some versions of the diet the name of this day is "Starch" day, this is because the food you are selected for this day - mostly beans, rice and potatoes. Here is the small list of the meals that you can cook and eat in this day:

The bean day of UnDiet (90 day diet plan)

 - Roasted potatoes
- Potatoes with mushrooms
- Okra with potatoes
- Rice with vegetables / if the Chinese restaurant /
- Rice with Mushrooms
- Vegetarian stuffed peppers
- Vegetarian stuffed dolmas - stuffed cabbage and vine
- Stuffed peppers with beans
- Stuffed peppers with fries
- beans
- lens
- peas

 There are many other allowed meals. I am going to post them with the recipes in one another post.
In the second (bean) and third (carbohydrate) day of lunch can be eaten bread, preferably wholemeal. You are advised to consume no more than 1 slice.
In carbohydrate day - dessert is consumed for dinner, and a strip of dark chocolate is a must. It is desirable that the products are homemade. If you do not like sweet, eat a dinner of lunch, but the strip of dark chocolate is a must!
Here are a a sample menu of the starch day (beans and pulses):
BREAKFAST: Fruit. Do not mix fruits!
LUNCH: You can eat beans, peas, soybeans, corn, rice, potatoes, boiled or steamed required almost no fat. Authorized and slice of bread (whole wheat or white), a salad of various vegetables, cooked vegetables. On this day also consume broth, but it is made of fresh vegetables or vegetable bouillon cube.
DINNER: the same like the lunch but half of it!
The legumes day is an important part of the UnDiet (90 day diet) do not miss it, because without it you can not achieve the desired effect.
 What is the secret of the 90 day diet? The UnDiet or 90 days diet is based on the principle of selective feeding. During the observance, you can eat all the necessary nutrients of the body namely meat, pasta, sweets and dairy products, fruits and vegetables and other fats carbohydrates.
In practice, you can eat anything, but you'll just have to follow a schedule and rules for their consumption.
The duration is not random and exemplary: it is exactly 90 days (not three months).
When you walk through the 90 day cycle, you can repeat the treatment, but after a certain rest, which is 90 - days.
In the next articles i am going to describe you the next two days in details after that i am going write down and recipes for all UnDiet!

Wednesday, July 17, 2013



the un diet plan- easy and miscellaneous

    Let's we say NO to starvation and to excessive weight. Yes, that's right, this is possible thanks to the 90 day diet(UnDiet). This diet is based on the principle of selective feeding. The goal of the diet is to change your eating habits, which will not only achieve your desired weight, but it is going to teach you to live a healthier life.
Because the diet continue exactly 90 days and you will surely get used to follow its basic principles with ease!

The Rules and the principles of the 90 day diet:

-alternating four-day cycles
-begins with protein day
-fruity day

   This rotation 28 days. On the 29th day, you have to drink only water and tea without sugar. This day is called the watering day. During the diet there are three water days.
Let's get to know in detail what we can eat in the PROTEIN day.
Protein day!
The breakfast, every day in the four-day cycle is fruit. Here are allowed to be eaten all the fruits. It is important to remember that you should not mix different kinds of fruits. The dried fruits are also allowed, but not more than a handful.
the un diet plan- easy and miscellaneousFor lunch you have to eat protein foods. Therefore, this day is called protein.

Protein foods are:

-soy products

    There are a few rules to remember. These rules apply to all days of the 90 day diet (no water day):
- it is not allowed  to mix dairy products from different groups
-There is no limit to the amount of the food, it is important to remember that dinner should always be half of the lunch!
-The protein foods can be mixed with all except starches and leafy green vegetables.
-The olives are also allowed, but not more than seven per day.
  You should know though that there are no restrictions on the amount of food intake but keep in mind- the smaller amount is guaranteed the bigger effect of the diet plan.
 If you get hungry between meals you can eat some fruits but only from one kind.
   Another important rule is that your dinner is not be later than eight in the evening.
Thanks to a varied menu and an extensive list of allowed foods, protein day will become a favorite.The UnDiet  (90 day diet) allows the preparation of various delicious dishes every day.

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Diet Facts for reducing appetite in all worlds diet plans

Diet Facts for reducing appetite in  all worlds diet plans

Tips for reducing appetite applicable in  all worlds diet plans

 The fact is that irrepressible appetite has a huge role in the lives of a large percentage of people on earth. Eat on weight, but we can not stop. All this turns into a terrible, daily cycle of recurring events. Therefore inevitably have to take measures to stop the uncontrollable appetite - the main culprit for weight gain. Here they are universal methods provided by those skilled in the art.
  The healthy diet - eat less and often, this is the basic principle of all worlds’ diets. Another popular rule is to drink more water. To eat low-calorie foods that will keep you satisfied longer time. Another principle that is applicable in all the worlds diets is the eating of healthy food. The most suitable foods are these which are rich in fiber. Also try to drink 2 glasses of mineral water or tomato juice before meals. Your appetite will decrease by one third! The biggest enemy of irrepressible appetite is the garlic. One clove a day will help pacifying the famine. And as we all know the garlic is good for our immune system. This is one of the strongest natural medicines. Another means of cherishing appetite applicable in all worlds’ diets is the consumption of half a cup of decoction of parsley every morning. It is also important to limit your consumption to 1-2 cups of coffee a day, because it stimulates the appetite. Try to drink it without sugar.
 Another method for reducing appetite, applicable in all worlds’ diets is extremely innovative method. Namely stimulation of certain points. This is influenced by the Japanese massage technique, are becoming more and more popular in our country. Short massage point between the nose and upper lip with the middle finger as every day, reduces appetite. Another point through which stimulation burn calories, is fold on the inside of the hand, located in line with the little finger. Similar points are at your fingertips. Their stimulation is done by the tips of the fingers of one hand pressed with the thumb on the other. Before pressure is inhaled air is kept for the duration of impact, then exhales and passes the next finger. The last point is located on the ear. With thumb and forefinger exercise a little pressure on the outer part of the ear, applying a spurt lasts no more than 3 seconds.

 There are many ways to reduce your appetite, they are easy to implement and applicable to all worlds’ diets. The most important thing is to have the desire and perseverance to implement them.

Friday, June 7, 2013

All Worlds Diets - the great expectations entail major disappointments

All Worlds Diets - the great expectations entail major disappointments

Worlds Diets - the great expectations entail major disappointments

 First, let's clarify: what the ''diet'' means ? The word ''diet'' comes from ancient Greek and means-lifestyle. So, when we want to choose a diet different from our own, in order to reduce weight is important this diet to be 'closest' to the way we used to eat. Although our goal is to lose weight, to be successful, must not be ''stray'' too many of our eating habits.
 Around the world, there are millions diets for weight loss, some successful, some not ... But to achieve success with your chosen, you will have to comply with some tips.
  The first and most important tip for you is that your weight loss should be selected so that it makes you feel better, not worse. The diet is successful when lose weight gradually and your tonus improves and you feel good! It is important to know that in order to change their diet alone, you need to be healthy. If you have any health problems, it is best to consult a professional dietitian.
 So, how to start? What is better to do in the beginning of each diet? This is also important is better before to start a weigh loss diet to shop the recommended dietary foods. You should make sure that the fridge you have fresh fruits and vegetables, chicken, fish or other specific products from your selected diet. So, you can rest assured that if you get hungry you have to eat low-calorie foods. It is better to get used to snacking on dried fruit between meals instead of high calorie candy bars, chocolates, crisps and other junk foods. Just buy some dried fruits and try them- remember they are always better than snacks. 
 Another useful tip is to buy fresh oranges, lemons and grapefruits make a fresh juice by yourself and put it in the fridge. You can make two liters and quietly forget about sodas while you have on hand fresh and nutritious fruit juice. Remember that, sodas are just a bad habit! We do not need them to feel good!
 Every person, who believes that, there is a need for a weight loss diet should realize, that ''major change'' is difficult. Just begin to change your eating habits step by step. Take plenty of time to get used to each change. This is the only way to achieve the desired outcomes and to have a healthier lifestyle. The strict weight loss diets are with short-term effect and are  leading behind another disappointment. Let's start today not a diet, but a new healthy lifestyle. We will do this, as we go and shop in the store fruits and vegetables, dried fruits, without buying sodas. Do this today and your first success is guaranteed!
 Not accidentally the old and wise men have said, ''with small steps toward great success.''