Saturday, July 13, 2013

Diet Facts for reducing appetite in all worlds diet plans

Diet Facts for reducing appetite in  all worlds diet plans

Tips for reducing appetite applicable in  all worlds diet plans

 The fact is that irrepressible appetite has a huge role in the lives of a large percentage of people on earth. Eat on weight, but we can not stop. All this turns into a terrible, daily cycle of recurring events. Therefore inevitably have to take measures to stop the uncontrollable appetite - the main culprit for weight gain. Here they are universal methods provided by those skilled in the art.
  The healthy diet - eat less and often, this is the basic principle of all worlds’ diets. Another popular rule is to drink more water. To eat low-calorie foods that will keep you satisfied longer time. Another principle that is applicable in all the worlds diets is the eating of healthy food. The most suitable foods are these which are rich in fiber. Also try to drink 2 glasses of mineral water or tomato juice before meals. Your appetite will decrease by one third! The biggest enemy of irrepressible appetite is the garlic. One clove a day will help pacifying the famine. And as we all know the garlic is good for our immune system. This is one of the strongest natural medicines. Another means of cherishing appetite applicable in all worlds’ diets is the consumption of half a cup of decoction of parsley every morning. It is also important to limit your consumption to 1-2 cups of coffee a day, because it stimulates the appetite. Try to drink it without sugar.
 Another method for reducing appetite, applicable in all worlds’ diets is extremely innovative method. Namely stimulation of certain points. This is influenced by the Japanese massage technique, are becoming more and more popular in our country. Short massage point between the nose and upper lip with the middle finger as every day, reduces appetite. Another point through which stimulation burn calories, is fold on the inside of the hand, located in line with the little finger. Similar points are at your fingertips. Their stimulation is done by the tips of the fingers of one hand pressed with the thumb on the other. Before pressure is inhaled air is kept for the duration of impact, then exhales and passes the next finger. The last point is located on the ear. With thumb and forefinger exercise a little pressure on the outer part of the ear, applying a spurt lasts no more than 3 seconds.

 There are many ways to reduce your appetite, they are easy to implement and applicable to all worlds’ diets. The most important thing is to have the desire and perseverance to implement them.

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