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the un diet plan- easy and miscellaneous

    Let's we say NO to starvation and to excessive weight. Yes, that's right, this is possible thanks to the 90 day diet(UnDiet). This diet is based on the principle of selective feeding. The goal of the diet is to change your eating habits, which will not only achieve your desired weight, but it is going to teach you to live a healthier life.
Because the diet continue exactly 90 days and you will surely get used to follow its basic principles with ease!

The Rules and the principles of the 90 day diet:

-alternating four-day cycles
-begins with protein day
-fruity day

   This rotation 28 days. On the 29th day, you have to drink only water and tea without sugar. This day is called the watering day. During the diet there are three water days.
Let's get to know in detail what we can eat in the PROTEIN day.
Protein day!
The breakfast, every day in the four-day cycle is fruit. Here are allowed to be eaten all the fruits. It is important to remember that you should not mix different kinds of fruits. The dried fruits are also allowed, but not more than a handful.
the un diet plan- easy and miscellaneousFor lunch you have to eat protein foods. Therefore, this day is called protein.

Protein foods are:

-soy products

    There are a few rules to remember. These rules apply to all days of the 90 day diet (no water day):
- it is not allowed  to mix dairy products from different groups
-There is no limit to the amount of the food, it is important to remember that dinner should always be half of the lunch!
-The protein foods can be mixed with all except starches and leafy green vegetables.
-The olives are also allowed, but not more than seven per day.
  You should know though that there are no restrictions on the amount of food intake but keep in mind- the smaller amount is guaranteed the bigger effect of the diet plan.
 If you get hungry between meals you can eat some fruits but only from one kind.
   Another important rule is that your dinner is not be later than eight in the evening.
Thanks to a varied menu and an extensive list of allowed foods, protein day will become a favorite.The UnDiet  (90 day diet) allows the preparation of various delicious dishes every day.

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