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The UnDiet (90 day diet plan)-The Bean day

The UnDiet (90 day diet plan)-The Bean day

During the 90 day leguminous daily diet is allowed to consume essentially dishes with high starch content. In some versions of the diet the name of this day is "Starch" day, this is because the food you are selected for this day - mostly beans, rice and potatoes. Here is the small list of the meals that you can cook and eat in this day:

The bean day of UnDiet (90 day diet plan)

 - Roasted potatoes
- Potatoes with mushrooms
- Okra with potatoes
- Rice with vegetables / if the Chinese restaurant /
- Rice with Mushrooms
- Vegetarian stuffed peppers
- Vegetarian stuffed dolmas - stuffed cabbage and vine
- Stuffed peppers with beans
- Stuffed peppers with fries
- beans
- lens
- peas

 There are many other allowed meals. I am going to post them with the recipes in one another post.
In the second (bean) and third (carbohydrate) day of lunch can be eaten bread, preferably wholemeal. You are advised to consume no more than 1 slice.
In carbohydrate day - dessert is consumed for dinner, and a strip of dark chocolate is a must. It is desirable that the products are homemade. If you do not like sweet, eat a dinner of lunch, but the strip of dark chocolate is a must!
Here are a a sample menu of the starch day (beans and pulses):
BREAKFAST: Fruit. Do not mix fruits!
LUNCH: You can eat beans, peas, soybeans, corn, rice, potatoes, boiled or steamed required almost no fat. Authorized and slice of bread (whole wheat or white), a salad of various vegetables, cooked vegetables. On this day also consume broth, but it is made of fresh vegetables or vegetable bouillon cube.
DINNER: the same like the lunch but half of it!
The legumes day is an important part of the UnDiet (90 day diet) do not miss it, because without it you can not achieve the desired effect.
 What is the secret of the 90 day diet? The UnDiet or 90 days diet is based on the principle of selective feeding. During the observance, you can eat all the necessary nutrients of the body namely meat, pasta, sweets and dairy products, fruits and vegetables and other fats carbohydrates.
In practice, you can eat anything, but you'll just have to follow a schedule and rules for their consumption.
The duration is not random and exemplary: it is exactly 90 days (not three months).
When you walk through the 90 day cycle, you can repeat the treatment, but after a certain rest, which is 90 - days.
In the next articles i am going to describe you the next two days in details after that i am going write down and recipes for all UnDiet!

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