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Diet Facts about the olive oil

Diet Facts about the olive oil

the olive oil the greatest treasure of the Mediterranean
   The Olive oil is one of the most nutritious foods in the world. It is known as "the liquid gold of the Mediterranean '. But what exactly is it useful? Why is it recommended by dietitians and physicians around the world? Prior to clarify and talk in detail about the olive oil, let's clarify that in this article we will talk only about the crude oil. Because in the crude oil are saved all the goodness of the olive oil. It is made without adding additional chemicals and because it retains all its beneficial ingredients.
What exactly contains the olive oil? The Olive oil is rich in oleic acid and linoleic acid, phosphorus, iron, minerals, vitamin E and protein. It is useful for heart disease, it is beneficial for liver facilitates the digestion, and also be used in many cosmetic procedures. You can enjoy the olive oil in your menu and the menu of your family. The easiest way is to use it to flavor all raw foods (salads). Another easy way is simply not to be without olives in your fridge. Remember that when you use olive oil without thermal treatment, it retains all its beneficial ingredients.
What is the history of the olive oil? Where exactly is coming from the 'liquid gold of the Mediterranean'? According to a group of historians the olive oil comes from ancient Greece. It was brought there by the goddess Athena. That is why many drawings the goddess Athena is depicted with an olive branch in his head. Undoubtedly, the olive oil was of great economic importance to ancient Greece. It is interesting that the Greeks are so idolized the healing properties of the oil that reached the point that olive plantations are cultivated only by virgins ... To this day, it is a symbol of sacred purity and perfection. But not everyone recognizes the contribution of Athens in modern diet and healthy eating.  The Egyptians, for example, claim that the olive oil is brought from the ancient goddess Isis.

The important and the undeniable here is that the olive oil is the most useful fat known to mankind. Olive oil is a globally recognized of all the good nutritionists. It is also a major component of the proven 'Mediterranean diet'.  And finally, an invaluable and free advice from me: just eat 7 olives a day, so you will improve the overall condition of your body.

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