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The Un Diet Plan- Fruit day

The Fruit Day of The Un Diet Plan

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 What is the most important that you need to know about the fruit day of the 90 day diet plan? What kind of fruits you are allowed to eat? Are there any forbidden sorts? Here, in this article, you are going to find out the answers of all these questions and many other useful diet facts.
 The fruit day of the 90 day diet plan is in every four days. In this day is permitted a consumption only of fruits. No matter, what kind of fruits you are going to eat, here, the important thing is to eat only fruits of one sort in a meal. What exactly i mean? That for breakfast you can consume two peaches, after 2 hours you can eat two apples but you are not allowed to eat for breakfast one peach and one apple. In fruit day you can eat in a each two hours- only fruits from one kind! It is good your last meal of the day to be at 8pm. 
 The fruits have many vitamins and energy, so you will feel much better, and will also prevent many infectious diseases. Very soon, the fruit day is going to become your favorite day in the daily cycle.
 You can eat all kinds of fresh fruits, dry fruits, which are recommended to be pre-soaked in a little water to make them more digestible. It is desirable to be saccharified. It is permitted and the consumption of sauces made ​​with less sugar, fruit juices. That day is allowed only if a dependent of fruit to eat nuts and seeds, but in limited quantity - 25-30 grams, nuts and seeds, which are not salted with caramel.
 The fruit day is the day of discharge for your body. In that day you are going to lose one kg or even more! The fruit is a favorite day for many people, although in the beginning it is difficult, but you have to be strong and motivated. Remember, that this diet plan is going to help you to change your life.
 Now let me write down a list of the most dietic fruits. It is going to be great if you prefer some of them for your fruit day. Remember, the fruit should not be missing from your diet plan, regardless of diet keep - they are extremely rich in vitamins, antioxidants , fiber, iron, magnesium and others. But there are a few that you have plenty without any worry, if you are on a strict diet plan,  because they do not contain sugar in them.
 For example, the citrus fruits are extremely dietic. The grapefruit, oranges, kiwi, lemons - each of these fruits contain only minimal amounts of sugar and high amounts of vitamins. They are suitable for each worlds diets and have medicinal properties. If you eat a grapefruit or 2-3 kiwi fruit in the morning, it will tone your day and you get enough vitamins. You will feel energetic and in good spirits.
 Another low-calorie fruit is the pineapple, which is rich in many vitamins and minerals, it can be of great help if you want to fight obesity. The only thing you should not forget that fruit compote, most of the nutrients are not present, because they have undergone heat treatment. The papaya is also very useful and tasty fruit.  The exotic relative of the melon, it supplies many nutrients and can cleanse the body of accumulated toxins in your body. Also the raspberries, which is contained very low amount of sugar, they are also a rich source of antioxidants, vitamin C, phosphorus, calcium, iron. You can eat raspberries if you're on a 90 days diet. The blueberries can also help you get rid of excess weight, as they contain large amounts of polyphenols and fiber. Due to this, the body fat cells dramatically reduced. The watermelon is known except for its taste qualities and a small amount of calories that it contains. All the summer fruit has no fat, and is extremely necessary substances to the body, which in no way infringe your diet. The apricots and the cherries are also low-calorie and contain many antioxidants that can help to your diet plan.
If you insist to be confined to the fruit diet, add in your diet pineapple, grapefruit, kiwi and green apple.
 The fruits, vegetables, seeds, cereals, legumes, nuts, and all plants carry energy, which is of great importance for the human body. No need to tread with poor quality food that will make you want more and more of it, and thus leads to weight gain. Thanks to the 90 daily diet plan you would not only lose weight, but you are going to learn how to live a healthier life! This is the best of all worlds diets, which is recognized from the most famouse nutritionists.

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